Your Mac Expert

Apple stores are closed. Most of us are self-quarantining or having to be home. Because you are not able to get you normal support, I am offering free customer support for all your Apple products (computers, iPads, iPhones, Apple TV etc.). This includes phone support and/or remote access to fix your issue. This support does not include repair services. If you are contemplating a purchase, I am happy to discuss pros and cons.

For my Windows friends, you may contact me, and we can discuss your issues, but I do not support Windows Operating Systems.

Why accept my offer? It is my gift to you during this time when we really need to help one another. I really enjoy this type of work and have the experience to back it up; with over 25 years managing, supporting, networking, repairing, selling, marketing, and using Macintosh computers and Apple products. Before retirement, my last job was as a Mac Engineer/Desktop Technician providing Executive Desktop Support to the US Department of Education, Washington, DC. Users included the Secretary, CIO, CFO, Press Secretary, and other executive level personnel.